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High Definition Hair Offers Tips on Buying a Wig

High Definition Hair designs and creates customized wigs that provide clients with the most high-quality, indiscernible hairpiece available. With four locations nationwide, High Definition Hair constructs each wig to the exact specifications of the client in order to achieve a distinctive look. In addition to hairpieces, High Definition Hair provides hair restoration, image consulting, and other services. For more information about the company and its products, visit the website at

People choose to where wigs and hairpieces for various reasons, but determining which product is right for an individual will depend on several factors, including skin color, face shape, body weight, and more. While the characteristics of the customer are certainly important, the specifications of the wig itself remain of paramount concern. There are two main variables that need to be considered before investing in any hairpiece:

1. Type of Hair: The hair itself is obviously the primary concern when it comes to selecting a wig. Remy hair is the gold standard when it comes to real human hair. Also referred to as virgin or cuticle hair, Remy hair comes from a single donor. The entire cuticle remains intact in order to enhance strength and maintain a natural appearance. Lower-quality hair and other materials can be substituted, but the difference in quality will be palpable.

2. Full or Front: Full lace wigs have been a standard in theater, film, and TV. They are constructed with lace throughout, allowing people to part their hair anywhere on the scalp and attain a full gamut of hairstyles. Ideally, lace wigs should be custom-made in order to fit the individual. While limited in styling options, lace front wigs will be more affordable than their full lace counterparts. Innovative companies such as High Definition Hair have developed new designs that effectively eliminate these problems, allowing for countless hairstyles without revealing the netting or lace.